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About Video - Why I couldn't post on Saturday! - My YouTube Community Guidelines Strike! Today I update you on the YouTube community guidelines strike I received over the weekend, why I think it happened, and what you can learn from it! Subscribe for more successfully released Dr. Who videos: Find out how long it'd take to watch all of Doctor Who here: Special thanks to Aaron from All Things Doctor Who for letting me do this video for him! Subscribe here: Find out if the hype about Shada is real: Subscribe to the awesome channel My Love for Doctor Who who was kind enough to have me! Here is the YouTube Community Guidelines page that summarizes possible reasons for a strike. If you do receive a strike it's more of a warning. It will last for 90 days and only take away your ability to live stream. Should you get another strike within those 90 days you won't be able to upload a video for two weeks (there may be other repercussions, I'm not sure). Receiving a third strike could result in the termination of your channel. You can appeal, but only once for the next 60 days. Should you get other strikes in those 60 days you won't be able to appeal for those. If you do want to appeal, know that you only have 200 characters to explain your reason for wanting the appeal. Have you ever had a YouTube Community Guidelines Strike against your channel? Did you get it removed? Comment down below and share your best advice for us! Equipment used to film this video: Camera - Vixia HF R700 (UK Link is for the R800, which is 66 pounds more expensive.) Tripod - Amazon Basics Tripod 60 Inch Lightweight Tripod With Bag Editing Program - This video was edited with Sony Vegas 12.0 Platinum on a PC. I couldn't find any non-expensive links, but I suggest looking for other Sony Vegas Movie Studio Products Edited on a PC - ASUS F555UA-EH71 15.6 Inch, Intel Core i7, 8GB, 1TB HDD Laptop, Windows 10 (64bit) I couldn't find the UK equivalent, but I'd suggest looking for these hardware specifications in your next laptop: 15.6 Inch, Intel Core i5-i7, 8-16GB, 500GB-1TB HDD Laptop, Windows 10 (64bit) Happy Shopping: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Keywords: youtube community guidelines strike,youtube community guideline strike,youtube community guidelines,community guidelines strike,guidelines strike youtube,community guidelines appeal,the doctor who guide