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About Video - Tua is THE GUY to lead the Dolphins to the Super Bowl | Dan Le Batard Show The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Dolphins win over the Lions in Week 8 of the NFL season. Is the Tua/Tyreek/Waddle trio the best QB/WR trio in the NFL? Is there no more room on the Tua bandwagon? Watch the full episode: Subscribe to @LeBatardShow: --- Subscribe to DraftKings on YouTube: Follow DraftKings on Twitter: Follow DraftKings on Instagram: Follow DraftKings on TikTok: Like DraftKings on Facebook: Stay up-to-date at DKNation: #lebatard #danlebatard #lebatardshow #tua #miamidolphins #dolphins #tuatagovailoa Keywords: billy gil,dan le batard,dan le batard show,dan lebatard show,jon weiner,le batard and friends,stugotz,the dan le batard show,the dan le batard show with stugotz,tua,tua tagovailoa,tua lions,tua waddle,tua jaylen waddle,tua tyreek hill,miami dolphins,tua tagovailoa miami dolphins,miami dolphins vs detroit lions,nfl,why tua is overrated,jaylen waddle,tyreek hill,tua tyreek,nfl week 8,chris wittyngham,chris cote,jessica smetana,local hour,draftkings