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About Video - Country of Volcanoes || Volcanic power El Salvador || Ilamatepec & Izalco Volcanoes || richard Country of Volcanoes || Volcanic power El Salvador || Ilamatepec & Izalco Volcanoes || richard Are you considering travelling to El Salvador? Perhaps you have heard that it is too dangerous? You hear of gang crimes and poverty. The country is small and it isn't necessary to cross through in order to get to Honduras from Guatemala or vice versa, better to be safe than sorry! Well, we want to tell you that this country does deserve a visit. Yes, it does have a history of gang violence and civil war is still evident in the wounds and scars of many of its citizens, but today El Salvador is on the rise. The roads are smoothly paved, areas are clean, and one can even pay with Bitcoin! And the most remarkable thing worth noting, is the sunny smiles you receive upon every corner. On today's show we give you a taste of all the above as well as exploring four key volcanoes, this is the land of volcanoes after all. If you liked our show, consider subscribing...thanks! More about us: We are also on Instagram: In association with: Thank you so much for watching and we'll 'meat' you guys around the world! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Für mehr Informationen besuche unsere Website: Wir sind auch auf Instagram: In Zusammenarbeit mit: Wenn dir unsere Show gefallen hat dann abonniere doch unsern Kanal...vielen Dank! Vielen Dank für's Zuschauen and we'll 'meat' you guys around the world! #volcanic #nature #volcano #geology #iceland #landscape #gemstones #travel #agates #lava #volcanoes#savador #bahia #praia #nordeste #brasil #modasalvador #fortaleza #riodejaneiro #sunga #trunks #sungaestampada #verao Keywords: Volcanic power El Salvador,Izalco Volcanoes,Volcanic power,richard,izalco volcano,el salvador land of volcanoe,el salvador land of volcanoes,volcanic power el salvador,volcano powered bitcoin city,santa ana el salvador volcanoes hiking,volcano bitcoin mining,volcanoe land of el savador,savador volcanoe land,volcanoes land of el salvador,volcanoe land savador,el savador land of volcanoes,volcanoe land Savador,Overlanding,travel to El Salvador,el salvador