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About Video - Concepts of Model Selection: A Practical Guide for Exam PA | Predictive Analyst Concepts of Model Selection: A Practical Guide for Exam PA | Predictive Analyst Join Sam from Examine PA as she navigates the intricacies of choosing the right predictive models for your analysis. Delve into the graph of interpretability versus flexibility, exploring a spectrum of models from decision trees to powerful machine learning techniques like bagging and boosting. My LinkedIn profile: My Website: 🔍 Learn how to justify your model choices based on interpretability and flexibility. 📊 Understand the nuances of linear regression, GLM, Lasso, Ridge Regression, and Elastic Net. 🌲 Explore the world of decision trees and their tuning impact on flexibility and interpretability. 📈 Dive into the complexity of ridge regression and the additional parameter, Lambda. 🔄 Grasp the concept of boosting and bagging as potent tools in predictive analysis. 🤔 Gain insights into preventing overfitting as you increase model flexibility. 🔄 Master the art of cross-validation to ensure robust model performance. 🔗 Connect model choices with real-world scenarios for comprehensive understanding. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Predictive Analyst preparing for Exam PA, this video provides practical tips and strategies for making informed model selections. Smash that subscribe button and hit like to stay updated with the latest tips and insights for success in your predictive analytics journey! 🚀 #exampattetn #PredictiveAnalytics #ModelSelection #DataScienceSuccess #DataScience #DataAnalysis #MachineLearning #RegressionModels #DecisionTrees #CrossValidation #ElasticNet #LassoRegression #RidgeRegression #Boosting #Bagging #DataScienceTips #AnalyticsEducation #Statistics #ModelFlexibility #DataDrivenDecisions #AnalyticsJourney Keywords: Predictive Analyst,what is predictive analytics,machine learning,pa exam,2024 pa exam,predictive analytics exam,data analytics,data science,success in predictive analytics,a practical guide for exam pa,guide for exam pa,predictive analytics tools,pa examination,pa exam preparation 2023,pass pa in one month,predictive analytics,regression models,ai intelligence,data analyst,predictive analyst,what is predictive analysis,predictive analysis