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About Video - "HUMAN 2.0" China Just Invented the Next Generation Of HUMANS! China is developing robots that not only look like us but also act a lot like us, and they're doing it rather impressively. Meet ExRobots, a company that's really good at making robots that can copy our facial expressions and emotions in real-time. So, when someone makes a happy or sad face at one of these robots, it can instantly do the same back to them. It's like having a robot buddy who can read your feelings. ✅ Subscribe Link : ExRobots claims that their robots can interact with people just like we do, all thanks to some fancy AI and language models. They say these robots can understand what you say and respond like a human would. But what if you tried to tease one of these robots by saying something like, "You Look Like A Melted Wax Figure, Buddy!" Would it react with pretend oily tears? Well, we don't know for sure yet, but it's interesting to think about. But these robots can do more than just show emotions. Some of them are really skilled at specific tasks. For instance, there's a robot that's like a barista, and it can create fancy designs on your coffee with incredible precision. It can make everything from hearts to flowers to pandas right on the foam of your coffee. It's pretty cool to watch. And there are other robots that look like humans and can play basketball really well or dance like professionals. They can dribble, shoot hoops, pass the ball, and even do slam dunks like it's nothing. They can also dance to music and do complex dance moves gracefully. These robots are smart because they use AI to learn from what they do and get better over time. They can also make decisions on their own, which means they can handle different situations and places without any trouble. These robots are not just fun gadgets; they're seriously clever machines. Keywords: robot,sophia robot,humanoid robot,ai robot,human robot,robots,robot dog,sophia the robot,humanoid robots,china robots,china female humanoid robot,robot exhibition in china,robot hotel china,sophia robot destroy humans,ai robots,best robots,hotel in china with robots,smart robots,ameca robot,female robot,robot female,ai,chatgpt,VR,science,physics,technology,technology news,tesla,elon musk news,spacex,future ai,futuristic,new tech,Future,Tech Silk