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About Video - Raise a Sound: Experience the Power of Praise with Live Worship Session | Ministration of Aremmic Raise a Sound: Experience the Power of Praise with Live Worship Session. Full ministration of Aremmic at Raise a Sound concert held in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to a divine journey of soul-stirring Christian music and worship experiences! Immerse yourself in the heavenly realm with our uplifting gospel songs, praise and worship music, and deep worship sessions live. Our "Raise a Sound Concert" is a celestial celebration where we raise our voices in exaltation, creating an atmosphere of worship and impartation. Discover the power of praise ministration songs that touch the depths of your spirit, leading you into a profound worship encounter with God. Join us in this worship journey where we "Raise a Sound" in unity, lifting high the name of Jesus. Indulge in the beauty of Christian worship songs that inspire and uplift, fostering a connection with the divine. Experience the heart-soothing melodies and transformative lyrics that make our worship sessions live truly special. Whether you seek gospel music for ministration or deep worship moments, our collection caters to your spiritual needs. Let the melodies of praise and worship songs resonate within you, creating a space for reflection, prayer, and connection with the Almighty. Join us in this musical journey of exaltation and ministration, as we worship God with all our hearts. Elevate your spirit with our curated selection of Christian music, and let the joyous sounds of praise lead you to a place of deep worship and spiritual fulfillment. Main keys: Emmanuel Ukot Aux keys: Jesse Ojo Lead Guitar: Sam Sawadogo Bass Guitar: Reinhard Drums: Joshua Fakuade Background Vocals: Isi Redia Wa’ti Khamofu Erica Agbedo Naomi Oko Christabel Egede Mixed and Mastered by Segigo Videography by Stride Creative Follow Aremmic on Instagram: Facebook: Tiktok: @aremmic Website: Connect with us at Gathered Worship via: Instagram: Visit our website: #RaiseASoundConcert #GospelMusic #WorshipExperience #PraiseAndWorship #ChristianMusic #DeepWorship #SpiritualUplift #MinistrationMoments #HeavenlyHarmony #ExaltationJourney #LiveWorship #DivineEncounter #PraiseMinistration #UpliftingMelodies #WorshipGod #SoulfulPraise #ChristianWorship #TransformativeSongs #RaiseYourVoice #WorshipSessionsLive Keywords: christian music,worship songs,gospel music,christian songs,gospel songs,worship session and impartation,praise ministration songs,we raise a sound,worship sessions live,deep worship,raise a sound concert,praise,praise and worship,praise and worship music,praise and worship songs,ministration,uplifting music,christian worship songs,exaltation,worship,worship god,Aremmic,Power of Praise,Power of Praise with Live Worship Session,Ministration of Aremmic