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About Video - Joy Long Brings Awareness To The Four Different Attachment Styles Joy Long Brings Awareness To The Four Different Attachment Styles Joy Long strongly believes and explains that attachment theory is the gateway to self love, discernment And relationship tendencies. Joy describes the characteristics of the four attachment styles and shares the “why” behind each style. Although it is not be our fault as to why we identify with any of the four styles it should be our charge to work towards secure attachment and feel comfortable with our place in the world. . . Website & Additional Information: Whole with Joy, PLLC: Youtube: Building Loving and Healthy Relationships - Attachment Theory: Gateway To Love - Attachment Styles & Love Songs Attachment Styles & Love Songs: Attached Book: Attachment Quiz: Attachment And The Regulation Of The Right Brain: . . SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Jspeaks content: Follow JSpeaks on Instagram: Follow JSpeaks on TikTok: About JSpeaks: Mission Statement: To connect, educate and empower the world one spotlight at a time Vision Statement: To leave a lasting impact on the world that challenges people to think, consider and better themselves The purpose of my channel is to share and spread content to the world that is positive, motivational, educational and informational. I believe that there are educated, motivated and all around good people everywhere who if they had the opportunity would love to impart their knowledge, interests and skills for the greater good of the world. My charge is to try to find those people and use my platform to promote them, their practice and business all the while leaving a positive impact on the world. Quote: “I do not want to move fast.. I want to move correctly” – Rick Ross FULL VIDEO: Sign up TODAY to be apart of JSpeaks Newsletter: Keywords: believes and explains that attachment theory,behind each style,attachment theory,attachment styles,joy long brings awareness,learn tarot fast,joy long four different attachment,joy long brings awareness 2024,joy describes the four attachment styles,anxious attachment style,attachment style,attachment,insecure attachment,jspeaks,four different attachment styles,styles,the four different attachment styles by jspeaks,the four different attachment styles with jspeaks