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About Video - The Greatest Desk In The World? - Furna E2 Sitting down all day can be detrimental to your health. With that, an influx of of electric height adjustable desks have hit the market. Today we look at the Furna E2 electric standing desk which can be bought as a frame only or with a worktop to see exactly what it's about. One thing we will say, it's been a great asset to our filming studio. You can read the full written review with pictures of the Furna E2 Electric Standing Desk here - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Shopping Links◄ Furna E2 Electric Standing Desk - Sit Stand Desk - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Our Kit◄ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keywords: technology,tech,computers,eteknix,eTeknix,reviews,unboxings,furna,furna e2 electric standing desk review,furna e2 electric standing desk,furna e2,standing,standing desk,electric desk,review,sit to stand,new technology,ikea,sit stand,stand up desk,height adjustable desk,ergonomic desk,desk,standing desk 2017,standing office desk,office desk,e2 electric standing desk,sitting,health,benefits,filming studio,electric standing desk,worktop,frame,desk frame