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About Video - Recap Mastering Visa Strategies in Combat Sports with Malki Kawa Sherrod Sports Visas Catch the comprehensive replay on LinkedIn and YouTube where Sherrod Seward of Sherrod Sports Visas hosts a riveting session with Malki Kawa, a celebrated super agent at First Round Management. This discussion unfolds critical insights into the world of P-1, O-1, and EB-1A visas in combat sports, particularly focusing on their impact on athletes' careers and mobility. Detailed Event Overview: As we approached UFC 298, the live session with Malki Kawa provided a rich exploration of the strategic deployment of visas in professional sports, emphasizing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by athletes in NFL and MMA. Malki’s expertise, paired with Sherrod's in-depth knowledge of sports immigration law, created a powerful dialogue on how best to navigate this complex landscape. Discussion Highlights: Visa Types and Benefits: Malki detailed the specifics of P-1, O-1, and EB-1A visas, each serving different needs and career stages of professional athletes. The P-1 visa, often used by athletes recognized internationally, allows them to compete in the U.S. at the highest levels. The O-1 visa is tailored for individuals with extraordinary abilities who have demonstrated records of exceptional achievement. The EB-1A visa offers a path for permanent residency, ideal for athletes planning long-term careers and residency in the U.S. Agent vs. Team Petitioning: A significant portion of the discussion was devoted to the advantages of having an agent rather than a team handle visa petitions. Malki argued that this approach not only enhances an athlete’s control over their career trajectory but also mitigates risks associated with team dynamics and contract negotiations. This autonomy can protect athletes from potential exploitation and ensure their ability to stay and perform in the U.S., irrespective of contractual changes within their sports teams. Ilia Topuria's Case Study: The conversation included a case study of Ilia Topuria's journey to a UFC title shot, illustrating how strategic visa management facilitated his rise in the UFC ranks. This example underscored the necessity for timely and adept handling of immigration matters to prevent administrative issues from derailing athletic careers. Career Management in NFL and MMA: Malki shared his experiences and strategies in managing careers across both NFL and MMA, highlighting the differences in league structures, contract negotiations, and the overall market dynamics. His insights into transitioning athletes through various visa stages provided a blueprint for upcoming sports agents and athletes themselves. Future Implications for Athletes and Agents: The discussion also ventured into future trends in athlete management, particularly concerning the globalization of sports. As more athletes seek opportunities in international leagues, the role of knowledgeable agents in visa and career management is becoming increasingly critical. Sherrod and Malki emphasized the importance of staying ahead of changes in immigration law and sports agency practices to best serve their clients. Your Host: Sherrod Seward, an expert in sports mobility and immigration law, is dedicated to enhancing the careers of international athletes through strategic legal and visa services. His firm is renowned for its comprehensive support and innovative solutions in sports law. Connect with Sherrod Seward for Your Immigration Needs: 📞 Call Us: 310-484-5375 📧 Email: ( Get a Free Evaluation: Athletes: Sherrod Sports Visas ( All Other Talents: O and P Visas ( Visit Our Websites for More Information: Sherrod Sports Visas ( O-1, P-1, & EB-1A Visas ( Second Passports Worldwide ( Innovative Global Holdings ( FOIA Litigation ( Talent Agency ( 📸 Follow Us on Instagram: Innovative Global Holdings ( 👇 Have questions or need a personal consultation? Comment below or contact us directly! Like, Subscribe, and Follow us to stay updated on the latest in immigration and talent representation!