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About Video - Shape of Atomic Orbitals || Atomic Structure Welcome..!!In this video, Different shape of Atomic Orbitals are discussed in details. Graph b/w wave function and r(nm) also discussed in well manner.I hope u will get good concepts here..Don't Forget To Like, Share & Subscribe my YouTube channel & press the bell icon to get the latest notifications of my Videos...Thank You...#cbseguru #atomicorbital #shape Keywords: shapes of orbitals class 11,atomic structure,shapes of atomic orbitals class 11 in hindi,shapes of atomic orbitals or boundary surface diagrams,shapes of atomic orbitals in hindi,shapes of atomic orbitals class 11,the shapes of atomic orbitals,nodal surface in atomic orbital,nodal surfaces chemistry,nodal surface chemistry,what is nodal surface,boundary surface diagrams,boundary surface diagrams of orbitals class 11,boundary surface diagram class 11,cbse guru