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About Video - Ollie's 9th Rainbow Birthday Party! Rainbow birthday cake_lotus candle_kiddie pool_slime making This video is about Ollie's 9th Rainbow Birthday Party! Come join us for the fun we have as Ollie and her family make slime, have fun in the yard in the Banzai Safari Adventure Pool kiddie pool, blows out the lotus candle on her rainbow birthday cake, gets hit with silly string, and opens her birthday gifts including unicorn slippers, shopkins blanket and pajamas, google eyes game, Our generation doll, and a Razor pocket mod electric scooter. Keywords: iMovie,lotus candle,kids playing,fun,ollie,aj,birthday,9th birthday,rainbow,rainbow birthday,make slime,baby pool,banzai safari adventure pool,rainbow cake,silly string,unicorn slippers,shopkins,googly eyes,our generation,razor scooter,electric scooter,razor electric scooter,pocket mod scooter,party hat,play,birthday candle,ollie and ajs playroom,playroom,birthday presents,gifts