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Personalize URL

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When a YouTube video is processed a URL called a VidRise link is generated. This VidRise link is what is shared to social media.

The default VidRise link looks like and compromises two parts that can be personalized in the VidRise Customizer as follows:

  • Domain Name: This is the domain name visible on social media and by default VIDRISE.COM appears at the bottom of posts. The domain name informs your fans and followers on which website is serving the content should they click on your post. This can be personalized by setting up a Custom Domain and will result in posts showing your domain name (as a sub-domain) and branding instead of VidRise.More info about setting up a Custom Domains here.
  • Link Name: By default a random set of characters are generated for the VidRise link. Instead this can be personalized into a link that is descriptive and provides context about the link. This can be useful if the VidRise link is shared through email or messaging platforms.For example has been personalized into something more intuitive and descriptive.