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7 simple tips to be noticed

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Your video has to be seen!

The goal of a video is to be seen. By taking a few small steps, you can increase the number of people who watch your video and want to engage with your channel, without spending extra money on digital advertising.

  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (behind Google)
  • Keep your audience in mind and consider their search interests – how might they find you?
  • Make sure your social media shares stand out and are highly visible in news feeds
  • Keep your audience and their search interests in mind when uploading your video

7 simple tips.

  1. Feature it.
    You’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, now make sure you make it the featured video on your front page. It will make you look like you’re up to date without stale content, and will grab the attention of a YouTube user browsing your page.
  2. Thumbnail.
    Don’t allow YouTube to automatically pick your thumbnail, you probably have something far more interesting! Screenshot an image from your video that is emotionally compelling and use that instead. Add some title graphics too if you like.
  3. Short and Interesting Titles.
    Your title should be viewer-centric. What would make you want to click on your video? Try and keep it short so that it doesn’t get cut off on other platforms and in search results. Upworthy headlines are a good source of inspiration. Here are a few good title examples from YouTube star PewDiePie for Charity Water and the Sierra Club.
  4. Write a good video description.
    In your video description, consider telling people a story instead of describing what’s happening in the video. Be entertaining, and remember that the description area is not the place to hit messaging points.
  5. Pick tags that will be good for SEO.
    People will use YouTube as a search engine – so you should be too! Think about what your fans are searching, and make sure those keywords are included in your video tags. Keep in mind that what people are searching isn’t always an accurate description of the video.
  6. Use VidRise for Social Media posts.
    You have created an awesome video, with an eye catching thumbnail and interesting title. Make sure it catches the attention it deserves on social media platforms. So be sure to try for big thumbnails on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, that will really stand out.
  7. Post early and often.
    People don’t click on every link that’s posted on social media platforms. Make sure you’re continuing to post your video regularly for at least a month, and keep your posts fresh by changing the headlines and images you feature. VidRise’s easy customization features make it simple for you to update titles and images without changing your original YouTube video settings. Experimenting and keeping things fresh increase your exposure to new audiences.