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10 YouTube Marketing Essentials

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Video marketing is still a small market. While the number of marketers that use video is growing, not that many are making good use of it on the Internet. It can be an intimidating strategy for those who don’t know how to get started. But here are 10 tips to bring you up on speed with marketing on YouTube.

  1. Research your niche
    YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world so use it to research how others take advantage of it.You can begin by having a look at how other channels in your niche are presenting their brands, content, and services on YouTube. Pay attention to the tone they adopt in their videos and keep an eye on how they use keywords in titles and descriptions as well as within the video. Be sure to note the number of views each video has gained since they were posted. Try to learn as much as you can by studying videos. Take note of what appears to work and what doesn’t.
  2. Create a brand on YouTube
    Work on how you present your channel and imagine it to be like a branded website. You should design a highly personalized page that includes customized background images and a logo. Use free tools (found on Google Search) to create graphics if required. If you create a customized YouTube channel for your brand, your visitors will appreciate you more for the personality and passion of your niche.
  3. Appeal to a various audiences
    One you’ve establish an online presence with YouTube, strive to connect with audiences from different cultures, gender, background, and age groups. Apply the shotgun method, wherein you target large and differing groups of people at once. By appealing to a broad array of people at the outset, you can test the strength and uniqueness of your video campaign. It could be tough at first, but it’s a great way to determine which groups of people will respond best to your marketing messages over time.
  4. Provide useful and valuable information
    Some of the best videos are those that offer viewers tips and how-to assistance. People will flock to anything that solves their problems or provides respite from their pains. That’s why it’s a good idea to create videos that teach people skills or provide solutions. By creating a series of how-to videos, you will broaden your fan base. People just love sharing stuff that is useful; if you can make it funny or controversial as well, you’re likely to have a viral hit.
  5. Persist
    Success doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of the viral videos on YouTube became incredibly successful in terms of number of viewers quite by accident: the video not only had the right ingredients to go viral, but its timing was perfect. If at first the number of views you get isn’t what you hoped for, don’t sweat it. Just continue to tweak your videos and keep on learning. Take a second look at what you’ve created and try to grasp what it might be missing.
  6. Always engage your audience
    Some video marketers grow complacent after achieving a little success on YouTube. Don’t fall into this trap. Video marketing is supposed to be an ongoing process that keeps your target audience engaged. Your older videos that have seen some success in the past may still attract new customers for you, but they won’t keep them loyal to you. To keep your audience engaged and continually enlarge your base, endeavor to provide high-quality, engaging videos on a consistent basis. This is the primary way to keep a step ahead of your competition.
  7. Provide less information than you should
    This may sound a little surprising, but while it’s fine to provide how-to information to your audience, take care not to hand over all the information in just one video. For one thing, your videos are apt to run longer than the Internet standard. Not only will you bore some viewers who’ll click elsewhere, but you’ll run out of ideas faster. Limit your videos to a maximum of three minutes. Cut ideas into small episodes so you can run them in a series. That way, you’ll have more videos to present to your audience and you’ll keep them wanting more.
  8. Keep videos short
    This point bears emphasizing: Keep your videos short. People have naturally brief attention spans. Four-minute videos can work as long as they manage to stay engaging throughout their entire duration, but videos that are three minutes or less work the best.
  9. Prioritize quality over quantity
    While one may argue there is success and strength in numbers, when it comes to video marketing, quality definitely trumps quantity. It’s true that you don’t need to have high-end equipment to churn out great videos, but you do need to produce decent and presentable videos. If your video presentation looks cheap and tacky, viewers are automatically going to suspect your products and services are the same. Be sure that the marketing message is clear and useful, the video quality acceptable, and the audio crisp and clear. Avoid background noise!
  10. Promote your videos on Social Media and blogging platforms
    The next step is to get the word out about your work. Broadcast your channel and individual videos on social networking platforms and blog about them. Promoting your videos on social media will provide you with quick and substantial bursts of traffic. Be sure to use a tool like VidRise for Large YouTube Thumbnails to ensure your social media shares get noticed and that you get rewarded for your hard work!