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About Video - The Wiz "Ease on Down the Road" remix | 2021 Procreate Speed Drawing! Hey Ya'll! Check out the speed drawing of my all time favorite movie! THE WIZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Need a little joy in your life? J. Cutt Merch is NOW available! . . . . . . J. Cutt Productions: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Main Music Producer: Asteknight Soundcloud: Instagram: YouTube: Editor/Photographer: Robert Castillo Instagram: YouTube: Keywords: the wiz,the wizard of oz,the wiz clip,the wiz movie,the wizard,diana ross,michael jackson,the wiz musical,musicals,the wiz soundtrack,the wiz live,the wiz yellow brick road,dorothy,diana ross the wiz,ease on down the road,michael jackson ease on down the road,yellow brick road,art,tik tok artists,art tiktik,speed drawing,speed drawing challenge,time lapse,painting,illustration,how to draw,timelapse,artwork,70s,70s movies,fantasy,musical