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About Video - K: Missing Kings (アニメ「K」) OST - New Kings (Piano Synthesia Tutorial + Sheet) Minna, Hello again!! This is a request made by @Min Yeo, @Brian Zheng, and @UnknownHackers55, did I miss someone? (Ahh I forgot to say this) MANY THANKS FOR 5k SUBSCRIBERS!! (Which was done on 2 December 2015) Hope you guys will continue to enjoy my video, and I'll keep on giving my best~ ================================================================================ Seems like.. lately I've been using Synthesia not for making tutorial videos but instead to express my own music which resulted in me making HARD unplayable piece. Perhaps I need to hold back a little bit, and here it is, a NORMAL difficulty piece totally meant for tutorial purpose~ REGARDING THIS PIECE : if you're wondering why there are so many repeated ECHOING melody (I mean to hit it twice).. that comes from the original song which sounds like that.. feel free to remove it (if you're trying to play this) if you want it~ RANDOM SHARING REGARDING K ANIME (SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Everything was pretty good until Ep 11.. but not to disappoint you guys, for me.. the finale is kinda not as good as I expected it will be.. Episode 12 : the battle scene between Reisi vs Iwa is very sloppy and.. WTF was that!!! it just ended just like that without any logical reasons (pretty much the same as Fairy Tail).. and for the Yata X Saru Vs Sukuna that feels kinda rushed actually but still OK Episode 13 : better than episode 12, a pretty nice conclusion about using Damocles Down to destroy the Slates.. Great sword fight animation between Kuroh Vs Yukari but again.. it follows Fairy Tail logic which is kinda a disappointment for me.. Also about Neko's past.. uhhh.. I seriously thought that it's going to be something super special (Still remember Season 1 Ending song Tsumetai Heya Hitori where Neko is all naked and stuff? Back then I kinda thought that Neko has a very mysterious past that will be revealed later and will be the key point of the whole story) but in the end.. her past is just totally related to nothing.. All of the finale parts is so rushed.. they should have planned everything from the start of the season to avoid this stuff.. but despite not meeting my expectation, there's still enjoyment on watching it (especially the OST and Battle Scene) so.. 7/10 From me ========================================================================================== MY PROBLEM I actually have a little problem for these past 2-3 days.. it feels like I can't concentrate very well which resulting in slowing my transcribing pace by.. A LOT !!! yesterday I just sat in front of my laptop and piano TWICE, ready to start transcribing.. and in the end I did nothing at all ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐ As for today.. well at least I can finish this one pretty well.. hopefully this condition will continue~ ABOUT SYNTHESIA VERSION Am I the only one who prefer this Synthesia version rather than the newer / newest one? I think this version's interface is better Sheet Happy learning / listening (^(I)^) Total Transcribe Time : 4 hours Anime (Movie) - K : Missing Kings Original Composer : Mikio Endo P. S. I love those emojis~ . . . Request : . . ============================== Mcm9N9Vg8VSXsIvsQ reminiscence/id1172422256 . = Listen and Follow me on Spotify : Buy my album on iTunes : Be my Patron : Twitter : Keywords: Download,アニメ「K」,アニメ,Soundtrack (Composition Type),OST,カバー,ピアノアレンジ,beautiful,Cover,ピアノ,Covers,弾いてみた,Keyboard (Musical Instrument),K: Return Of Kings,Synthesia (Musical Game),K Missing Kings OST,otaku,Tutorial,OST New Kings,sad,Sheet Music,Anime (TV Genre),Movie,K Project,K (TV Program),MyReminiscence,My,Theme,Reminiscence,Piano,Mikio Endo,Original Soundtrack,K: Missing Kings,Theme Song,Theme Music (Musical Genre),Instrumental (Musical Genre),Kings