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About Video - Archer EMIYA -「AMV」- Endless War ( Within Temptation ) Archer is a fantastic, complex character, and easily my favorite from Fate/Stay Night. After hearing this song, I knew I wanted to make an AMV out of it, even if it's not my usual style of content, or even if I would be good at it. I made it with the goal of conveying Archer's rough characterization, from being a distraught man caught in a machine of suffering simply for trying to pursue his dream, to the massive hypocrite who would gladly be heroic, despite incessantly saying heroics are misguided useless ideals. For the man who knows that to save others means not saving someone else, he'll gladly sacrifice himself every time. The Wrought Iron Hero, The Faker, The Hero Who Nobody Knows, and Saber's Red Knight. ------ Anime used: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel Part II: Lost Butterfly ----- Music used: Endless War, by Within Temptation ----- Pretty sure this counts as fair use- transformative in nature, and I don't stand to profit from it. Keywords: AMV,EMIYA,Archer,Fate,Fate/Stay Night,Endless War,Within Temptation,Unlimited Blade Works