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About Video - moving update / settling in, how to hire movers... We’ve moved! you’ll see a lot more of this new background for these sit-down chatty videos 😁 The house is a mess currently but maybe there will be a house tour in the future? Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in seeing! This is our third move in three years (😬) but it’s a lil different since we’re moving our family into my childhood home! We have an interesting arrangement where we live in the basement unit and my parents are right upstairs. It’s just the beginning and it’s going really well! Maybe it’s a bit unconventional to live at home with my husband and two kids but it’s really great to be close to family during this season of life. With hiring movers this time, we did it a little bit differently than we have in the past. I’m grateful to be able to hire help but I left with a few feelings of how I might do things differently next time… have you hired movers before? What was your experience like? Follow along! Instagram: TikTok: Keywords: moving vlog,move in vlog,living in my new house,home tour,itssuhgud,daily vlog,a day in my life,day in the life,day in my life,vlog,weekly vlog,moving vlog apartment,move in with me,week in my life,living alone vlog,moving vlog nyc,moving vlog house,packing and moving vlogs,vlogs,lifestyle vlog,weekend vlog,daily vlogs,move in vlog apartment,productive day in my life,life updates,moving to a new city,days in my life,life update vlog,vlogging