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About Video - Maa Skandamata, a form of Goddess Durga On this day of Navratri, the mother we are worshipping is Skandmata.The mother always wants the protection of her child. In this form, Maa Parvati is seen carrying little Kartikeya in her lap. Kartikeya is also called Skanda, which is why this mother's name was Skandmata. Motherhood gives new dimensions to the power of a woman. On the one hand, she is in the role of its protector, and on the other hand, she is also its nurturer. According to legend, the Mata took on this form in order to destroy the demon Tarakasur. After the birth of Kartikeya, Parvati faced the demons by taking Kartikeya in her lap on the battlefield, and Kartikeya fought like Tarakasur. This mother is compassionate, and the love between mother and child is irresistible. Sometimes a mother has to make tough decisions so that him/her future can be bright with the blessings of Skandmata. The Revolution Deshbhakt Hindustani wishes you all a very happy fifth day of Navratri. #happynavratri2022 #festival #shardiyanavratri2022 #devotees #skandamata