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About Video - How Scapegoats Can Overcome the FLIGHT or FREEZE Response you're an empath, scapegoat or lightworker and constantly get blamed for things you didn't do, your response will likely NOT be fight BUT will be flight or freeze. As scapegoats we can often find that we have a whole bunch of people pointing a whole bunch of fingers at us. Thats even though we haven't done anything. Maybe we've named the the truth and somehow we're being blamed for it. That feels very disempowering and it feels really low vibration. There's a lot shame associated with it.There is empowerment to be had by asking one simple question. That's what this video is about. It's about taking those low vibration emotions, working out what it is they're trying to tell us and where we want to be... and where we don't want to be.So often we find ourselves blamed for things that weren't our fault. Especially back when we were six years old or whatever age it was. I identify with my six year old sitting on the floor in school, not understanding why he's being blamed for stuff that's not his. That's okay. That was way back then. Now I am a man and I want to find my empowerment because low vibration emotions can make you feel as if empowerment is not possible.#scapegoatrole #familyscapegoat #scapegoatempowermentAs I see it there are two questions. What's the real fear? Because actually that feeling of disempowerment is usually combined with paralysis, that fight, flight or freeze. If you're an empath, scapegoat or lightworker then most likely your instinct is not to fight. It's freeze or flight, to run. Those have always been mine. If it's freeze it's because there's a paralysis. It's that fear that goes wage back to my childhood. Okay then. What's the real fear? The real fear is that I won't be looked after. That somehow if I speak out the truth, my truth, I'll get in trouble because it happened the. Okay, is that actually true? Possibly. What's the worst that can happen? I work that out and I'm already feeling better. Because maybe this fear, the massive ball of dread. When I examine. It's possible that it's not actually as bad as it seems and that gets me to us to a second question.Where's my empowerment? What actions can I take? Because there's only actions in life, even not doing anything is an action. So what is it that I need to do in order to look after myself but do it in a way as not to be driven by my shadow. If I've looked at the fear, what I want to be able to do is just take the action knowing it's the right thing to do. Getting in touch with that intuitive sense of what to do so it's not driven by fear or shame or anger or blame or the rest of them and it's not just analysis of the fact. It's in between because what I want to do is ensure that I'm looked after, that I'm not looking for to help the other person. But at the same time I'm not gonna allow her to be done to me either. By working out what the action is, asking myself if there's any fear in it. That's the spiritual principle that anything bound in fear will return in fear. Anything that's done in love will come back in love.I saw a mentor of mine and he said "You can take the same action. They can be identical. The same action but if I'm doing it and it's based in fear then it's going to come back to me with the same energy. So I want to take the charge out of it. Ask myself this and I have a sheet that I run through. I'll make another video on it. It takes the charge out all of the fear or anger or shame or whatever it is so that I can get back to me, to center and say "you know what, that action looks most appropriate." Then I check it in with someone else who's on the same wavelength as me. If they think it's a reasonable thing to do then I do it. Then I leave the rest up to the Universe, to God (a short word for the Universe) or whatever it is.Then I know I've done my part in showing up for myself. Taking the action and ensuring it's not driven by shadow. This for me is how I find my empowerment as a scapegoat. The scapegoat role is optional once I realize that any of the excrement that is thrown at me, I can just stand back from and say "this has nothing to do with me." Then I can choose to respond accordingly. But when that excrement is thrown at me and my ego responds then it's different. People say bad things about you. If they lie about you or whatever it is, there is an understandable desire to react. But that's unhelpful because it's driven by shadow. Recovery is to look at the shadow, work out what the fear is, take the action, leave the rest up to the universe, see what happens. I make videos because this is my journey in life. This is still my journey in life. I find it really difficult when those low vibration emotions come up to make these videos. Actually I find it surprisingly difficult and yet somehow I still make videos. Progress not perfection. Slow progress is still progress.