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About Video - Worshiping Maa Shailputri brings wealth, good fortune and health to a person First day of Navratri is the day of Mata Shailputri (Daughter of the mountain). The worship of the Maa Shailputri brings happiness and prosperity in life. Prajapathi Daksha's daughter Parvati got Shiv as her husband by chanting and penance. But the temperamental, Aughad could not get the Shiv from her family in respect as a son-in-law. Once King Daksha organised a Yagya in which all the gods and goddesses were invited with respect. But Shiv and Parvati were not invited. But Parvati was eager to go to her maternal home. On this pretext, Parvati would also have to meet her parents and sisters. But Shiva was equally worried that Parvati should not be humiliated there without invitation. He was ordered to leave but the same thing happened was feared that no one was pleased to see him except his mother. Parvati regretted that she did not listen to her husband and went to her maternal home to insult herself. During the tandav, some parts of Mother Parvati's body fell on the earth, where Shakti Peethas were later established. Thus, this form of Mother Parvati was called Satiroop. This story teaches us that we should never compromise our self-esteem and should not go anywhere uninvited. The Revolution Deshbhakt Hindustani wishes you all a very Happy First Navratri. #happynavratri2022 #devotee #festival #shardiyanavratri #shailputrimata