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About Video - Kofta curry recipe - Beef kofta curry's l Malayalam North Indian koftha recipe നോർത്ത് ഇന്ത്യൻ സ്റ്റൈഇൽ കോഫ്താ റസിപ്പിയാാണ് ഇന്നത്തെ വീഡിയോയുടെ വിഷയം Easy and Authentic Indian Recipe :) My name is ashrafchokliI am the host of this channel (Villege Home Food Channel) I focus on creating and posting recipe videos which are easy to recreate and can be cooked with the ingredients which are easily available. My channel primarily focuses on Indian cuisine, I post some recipes from other cuisines as well. #HAPPY COOKING Keywords: reastaurent style Malai kofta recipe,Paneer curry recipe,malai kofta,iftari recipes,Beefcoftha,how to make,easy recipes,beef,desi food,beef recipes,kofta recipe in urdu hindi,kofte ka salan,kofta curry recipe,meatballs and gravy,mutton recipes indian,kofta recipe,spice eats recipes,meatball curry recipe,mutton meatball recipe,mutton kofta recipe,mutton kofta gravy recipe,mutton meatballs in gravy