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About Video - Rohingya Daily News Today 02 Dec 2018 (((  صوت الحق  ))) أخبار#أراكان باللغة #الروهنغيا RVR (Real voice of Rohingyas) is the first channel based on real voices and in depth coverage of the grieves and inspires of the Rohingyas. The purpose of this channel is to divert any kind of misunderstandings into the right path and it tries its best to stop the Rohingya ethnicity from falling into any kind of wrong doings. The channel also looks to pass on and amplify knowledge, educating people of Rohingya through empowering the community and supporting them by raising the voice of the voiceless. The rights that the prosecuted Rohingyas were deprived of will be made aware of in this channel, given that no other channels make any coverage on this specifically.