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About Video - Hand washing Techniques | How many times we must sanitize our hands | Hindi | 2020 Title: Right techniques of hand sanitization | How many times we must wash our hands | Hindi | 2020 | CoronavirusAbout Content: Here we will discuss all techniques which keep us away from CoronaVirus & other diseases;Timestamps: Part One 1. 00:05 Why do doctors get sick less ? 2. 01:15 Hand wash techniques | medically proven Steps in hand washing | Right Techniques of hand wash. 3. 03:45 Save water during hand wash. 4. 04:15 Right technique of air drying of hands | Why Doctors Don’t use Tower after hand wash? | Air drying of hands. 5. 05:35 Difference between hand washing & hand sanitization. 6. 06:25 How to prepare hand sanitizers at home? Part Two 1. 07:15 For how many times we must wash our hands in a day? 2. 07:40 Why did Michal Jackson wear gloves? 3. 08:19 How to get rid of sanitization phobia arose due to coronavirus? 4. 08:50 Do’s & don’ts to prevent yourself from any infection. 5. 09:30 Daily routine to not to get infection into your body. 6. 11:22 Your social habits when coronavirus is pandemic. 7. 12:10 how to make Homemade mask? 8. 14:20 Do’s & don’ts for eating habits to prevent yourself from any infection. 9. 15:00 Your social responsibilities when COVID-19 is pandemic | Best technique for sneezing & coughing.Related Content: #coronavirus #Covid-19 #HandSanitization #DrVirdi #MyCityHelpline Contents: My Health & Medical Support Videos: My Health & Fitness Videos: My National TV Programs: Special Interviews – DharmNeeti: me: Hi, I am qualified medical doctor, management & computer post graduate as well. I have speculative & innovative nature. I love to be fit & to help my friends. Now I wish to inflate my friendship circle to the whole world. I want you to be my friend.About Channel: Friends! This channel is created to give you the most useful tips about to resolve your day to day problems, News Updates, Job updates, to discuss political vendetta & religious discussions etc.Thank you for your visit Being my friend; 1. Subscribe my YouTube channel: 2. Press “Bell Icon for All” & 3. Share this link in your media 4. Follow me; Facebook:- Twitter:- Website:- Hand Sanitization in relation to corona Virus, Corona virus in India, Corona Virus in China, Corina Virus in Italy, Corina Virus Test Kit Cost, Corona Virus Update, Covid 19 Death toll Keywords: Dr.Virdi,MyCityHelpline,Hindi,Punjabi,hand washing technique,homemade sanitizer spray,how many times hands need to wash,hand hygiene,hand washing,hand sanitizer,Why do doctors get sick less,Corona virus,covid-19,covid-19 treatment,how to get save from corona,how to kill corona virus