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About Video - You Can Never Sin Against The CREATOR #sins #creator #gods #god #spirit #africanspirituality #islam You Can Never Sin Against THE CREATOR. How Is this So? Sins against God are possible. This is not a contradiction. You May Never have heard of this concept. You won’t hear this from any Imam, Pastor or Rabbi nor can you read it in the Torah, Bible Koran or Gita.……Yet all They all define Sin. The concept that you cannot sin against the Real CREATOR is one of the most liberating truths. Another Enormously Shocking Surprise is this that The Jewish God, Yahweh, who morphed into the Christian God, and became a Trinity afterwards, a monotheist later transformed into Allah; IS Not the Real Creator. For the unknowable Creator is not a spirit or being, nor a Divinity, GOD, a god or goddess. When efficiently understood with a crystal clear, sober perception, THE CREATOR is Unknowable, Nameless and Genderless. Are teaching that there is no Sin? Hell NO! So, find out how this AWESOME Principle works. You can sin against the gods, neighbours, nature, universe, ancestors, totems and self! HOW do you Sin against these and all else other than the Creator? Here is the key. Though Many individuals throughout history have attempted to explain or describe the unknowable nature of the divine, The Real Creator through various means, such as mystical experiences, philosophical inquiry, and artistic expressions. While these attempts are often inspiring and thought-provoking, they ultimately remain limited by the inherent limitations of human brain and consciousness. We remind each other that all explanations serve as notices of those limits and the importance of humility and openness in search for meaning and purpose in the world. Anyone therefore describing the Unknowable Creator Is explaining his/her subjective imagination a futile exercise for he/she will be describing a gods, Goddess. This is a very important TEACHING. View the whole video and if you have any comments questions do not hesitate. Send them to THE CREATOR Or God. - Keywords: you can never sin against the creator,i sinned again,christianity,Sins against the creator,you cannot sin,fear of god vs fear of sinning against god,desiring god,stop sinning,will god forgive me again,blasphemy against the holy spirit,how to stop sinning,if you just sinned again,how to stop sinning the same sin,help i keep sinning,why do i keep sinning,i just sinned again am i saved,how to stop sinning christian,trust god,the real Creator,Creator not God