About Video - This Command of Jesus Is Seriously Outdated #SHORTS The Most Outdated Teaching of Jesus http://bit.ly/CommandOfJesus Christians and war... do they mix? Many people will point to Jesus' teaching to buy a sword (Luke 22:36) as justification for violence against our enemies. But as you will learn in this video, this exceptional teaching is actually outdated. That becomes clear when you examine the context in which the teaching was given, and when you embrace the true meaning of "turn the other cheek". #christians #christianity #war #nonviolence #shorts Produced by: John Narrated by: Lisa Written by: Dave Keywords: command of jesus,christians and war,jesus teaching to buy a sword,meaning of turn the other cheek,violence against our enemies,teachings of jesus about the kingdom of god,jesus' teachings,teachings of jesus,words of jesus christ,christian teaching videos