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About Video - How Can Airplanes Fly Upside Down? | Understanding Lift & Busting Myths | Fly with Magnar "How Can Airplanes Fly Upside Down? | Understanding Lift & Busting Myths | Fly with Magnar" Have you ever wondered how airplanes can fly upside down? This video unravels the mystery of lift and debunks the widely taught equal transit time hypothesis. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the principles of lift and discover the true mechanics behind how wings generate lift, regardless of orientation. Video Highlights: -Understanding Lift: Explore the science behind lift, including the role of wing curvature and the equal transit time hypothesis. -Flying Upside Down: Learn why airplanes can defy common beliefs about lift and fly upside down. -Myth Busting: Challenge the equal transit time hypothesis commonly taught in science classes and aviation training. -Bernoulli vs. Newton: Delve into how Bernoulli's theorem and Newton's third law of motion both explain lift from different perspectives. -Practical Insights: Understand how engineers use the Navier-Stokes equations to predict lift and why fluid dynamics is key. -Aircraft Procedures: Learn about the stall warning system and its importance in detecting imminent stalls. -Graph Analysis: View a detailed graph illustrating the relationship between angle of attack and lift coefficient for a specific aircraft model. Description Content: Maybe you do not care about how a wing creates lift, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give the correct answer when a friend is asking? Explore More Videos from Fly with Magnar: 1. ATR 42-600 cockpit view 2. Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52 3.Engine failure at V1 - Stop or go? 4. How Do Airplanes Fly? 5. Engine Failure at V1 - Stop or Go? 6. Aircraft Lift Explained: Bernoulli vs. Newton's Equations 7. Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52 8. American Eagle 4184: The Crash That Changed Aviation Safety 9. De Havilland Canada's Dash 8 Quirks & Features According to a common belief, lift is created because the upper surface of a wing is more curved than the underside. When two air parcels are split by the wing, the parcel moving over the wing will have to travel a longer distance than the parcel under the wing before they meet behind the wing. This forces the parcel over the wing to move faster than the other. And, according to Bernoulli’s equation, an increase in velocity results in a reduction of static air pressure, which is lift. This is called the equal transit hypothesis. If this is correct, then how can an airplane fly upside down? This is what this video is about. First, we must understand how a wing creates lift. Some say nobody knows for sure because it is too complicated. Some say it is Bernoulli. Some say it is Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Some say it is the Navier-Stokes equations. An engineer at Boeing once said: “It’s easy to explain how a rocket works, but explaining how a wing works takes a rocket scientist.” To kill one myth right away: Lift is very well understood by the engineers. They use the Navier-Stokes equations to predict how an aircraft produces lift. But only those with a degree in fluid dynamics will understand those equations. What we need is an easy-to-understand explanation that kids, and pilots can understand, without getting the facts wrong. The two most common explanations are “pressure difference,” promoted by the Bernoulli supporters, and “Newton’s third law,” promoted by the Newton supporters. When it comes to lift, it is not Bernoulli or Newton. They complement each other. Bernoulli is about flow speed, surface pressure, and conservation of energy. Newton is about force, flow direction, and conservation of momentum. We are looking at the same thing, but from a different point of view. Links: - Lift formula: - Spitfire video: Special Thanks: - Knut Olav Myhre: Pitts Special video - Knut Åshammer: Spitfire video Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of aerodynamics and lift. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and anyone curious about flight mechanics. Keywords: #aviation #aviationtraining #aerodynamics #bernoulliequation #fluiddynamics #lift #newtonslaw #pilottraining #flightmechanics #wingdesign #aviationmyths #aerodynamicprinciples #airplanephysics Keywords: How Can Airplanes Fly Upside Down,how does a plane fly upside down,EqualTransitTimeMyth,how planes fly upside down,How to airplanes fly upside down,fly with magnar,Airplanes Fly Upside Down,How Can Airplanes Fly Upside,airplanes fly upside down,how can airplanes fly upside,airplane fly with magnar,how plane fly upside down,flywithmagnar,equal transit time myth,flyupsidedown?,airplane fly upside down with magnar,FlyWithMagnar,equaltransittimemyth,flyupsidedown,down fly