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About Video - Bed bath & bankrupt | meme stocks | Jae's Corner Bed bath & bankrupt | meme stocks | Jaes Corner ​ @jaescorner Jae's Corner by Jae Oh, CFP Summary: If you're looking for a good laugh, then be sure to check out this video. In it, we take a look at some of the latest Meme stocks and discuss the lessons we learned from Bed, Bath & Bankrupt. If you're wondering what Meme stocks are, or how they work, then this video is for you! In it, we discuss the history of Meme stocks and share some of the lessons we learned from Bed, Bath & Bankrupt. From there, we give you a brief overview of the different types of Meme stocks and how to invest in them. Hopefully, this video will make you laugh and help you learn a little something too! This video discusses the bankruptcy of Bed Bath & Beyond and how risky it is to invest in individual securities, particularly small companies. The speaker explains the importance of paying off bondholders before stockholders and provides a simplified example of how enterprise value is determined. The speaker also discusses the rise of meme stocks and how they can be influenced by social media hype. Let's connect: 🔥 Subscribe to Jae's Corner on Substack: $$$ Join America's Cardroom and get a huge deposit bonus: $$$ Free Prescription Discount Card: $$$ 2nd Free Prescription Discount Card: Free Term Life Insurance Quote: Free Instant Short-Term Disability Quote: 📆 Your private appointment Free Medicare Guidance: 📖 Book website: 🐦Twitter: 🐦Twitter: #personalfinance #finance #talk — Maximize Your Medicare by Jae Oh Link to Free Quoting Tool: email to info at Keywords: Bed bath & bankrupt | meme stocks | Jae's Corner,amc stock update,@jaescorner,@JAESCORNER,bed bath & beyond,retail store shutdowns,retail apocalypse,meme stocks,bed bathing a patient cna,bed bath and beyond bankruptcy,store liqidation,bbby,ryan cohen,nesswell,pre market analysis,#investyadnya,smkc,penny stocks,new bull market,aaj ka bazaar,worldwide exchange,bull market,bitcoin,squawk box u.s.,bbby stock,Jae's Corner by Jae Oh,JAE'S CORNER BY JAE OH