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About Video - The SORROW of the Prayer’s leavers When a Muslim leaves Salat - totally or partially - is he still a Muslim? What are the evidences of him committing apostacy? What will happen to his marriage? his children? his inheritance? etc. Video parts:👇👇 00:00 - Introduction. 00:30 - Reason of this letter. 00:50 - What is about? 01:30 - Dangerousness of leaving Salat. 02:30 - They are LOOSERS. 03:18 - Almighty Allah and His messenger are free of them. 03:58 - What kind of life will they face in graves? 05:07 - Do they commit apostacy? What are the evidences? 09:15 - What are the results of leaving Salat? in custody, marriage, inheritance .. etc.? Video link: 👇👇 Everybody is welcome to: ** L I K E ** S H A R E ** S U B S C R I B E ** C O M M E N T ** My Page: My Twitter account: My Twitter account: Keywords: Tawheed,Islam,Monotheism