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About Video - Don't Let Your Past Define You | Steven Furtick Would you let your enemy be your editor? In “Don’t Let The Past Define You,” we learn how to reclaim control of our story. This is an excerpt from “Making Headlines” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here: —— Stay Connected Website: Steven Furtick Facebook: Steven Furtick Instagram: Steven Furtick Twitter: #stevenfurtick #stevenfurticksermons #overcomingyourpast #overcomingobstacles #christiansermons #sermons #ministry #story #preaching #chooseyourstory #faith #definingyourpast Chapters: 0:00 - Don't Let The Devil Write Your Headline 4:36 - You Can't Control Your Story BUT... 8:38 - The Details Aren't Important Right Now 10:38 - Why Would You Let Your Past Control Your Future? 13:04 - Choose Your Own Heading Scripture References: Genesis 45, verses 4-5 Don't Let Your Past Define You | Steven Furtick Keywords: Steven furtick,Stephen furtick,furtik,Steve furtick,Past define you,devil lying,elevation church,Steven furtik,anxiety,past,sermons,identity,mistakes,elevation,church,church online,don't let the past define you,past mistakes,worry,2015 Sermons,Steven furtick sermons,bondage,free from your past,make your own headlines,don't let the devil make your headlines,pastor Steven furtick,are you the editor,don't let the devil be your editor