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About Video - Bashar | The Splitting Earth | The Splitting Prism (Part 1) Bashar | The Splitting Earth | The Splitting Prism (Part 1) Join us as Bashar provides profound insights into navigating parallel realities and the concept of the Splitting Earth. This session explores the importance of taking physical actions aligned with your preferred reality and the idea that each individual creates their own version of reality through agreements with others. Bashar explains that multiple versions of Earth coexist simultaneously and delves into connecting with Sasquatch and the significance of life themes. The conversation concludes with raising one's vibration to perceive higher-dimensional experiences and understanding the natural state of consciousness without mental chatter. Bashar emphasizes the importance of unlearning conditioning and beliefs to align with your true nature, interacting with your higher mind, and allowing the higher mind to guide the manifestation process. He also discusses teleportation, shifting through parallel realities, and the role of permission slips and the physical mind in creating your reality. *🌟 What You'll Learn:* - Navigating Parallel Realities - The Concept of the Splitting Earth - Importance of Physical Actions Aligned with Preferred Reality - Multiple Versions of Earth Coexisting - Connecting with Sasquatch - Significance of Life Themes - Raising Vibration and Frequency - Natural State of Consciousness Without Mental Chatter - Unlearning Conditioning and Beliefs - Interacting with the Higher Mind - Allowing the Higher Mind to Guide Manifestation - Teleportation and Shifting Through Parallel Realities - Role of Permission Slips and the Physical Mind *🔔 Perfect For You If:* You love exploring spiritual concepts or are a fan of Bashar channeling. We’ve crafted this video to enrich your journey towards transforming your life and aligning you with your true essence. *🔗 Watch Our Related Videos:* - [Bashar on How To Get Rid of Negative Beliefs]( - [Bashar on The 11 Elements of Excitement]( - [Bashar's Profound Guide On Writing Your Life Story]( *📢 Stay Connected With Our Community:* - [Instagram]( - [Facebook]( - [Twitter]( *Titles:* Bashar | The Splitting Earth | The Splitting Prism (Part 1) Key topics include Parallel Realities, Splitting Earth, Physical Actions, Multiple Earths, Connecting with Sasquatch, Life Themes, Raising Vibration, Natural State of Consciousness, Unlearning Beliefs, Higher Mind, Teleportation, and Permission Slips. *Sound Bites:* - "Navigating parallel realities involves aligning with your preferred reality through physical actions." - "Understanding the Splitting Earth reveals multiple versions of Earth coexisting simultaneously." - "Raising your vibration allows you to perceive higher-dimensional experiences and align with your true nature." *👍 Help Us Grow:* Your likes, shares, and comments not only motivate us but also help spread Bashar’s wisdom to others. 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We extend our sincerest appreciation to the team behind Bashar for allowing the public to benefit from such transformative teachings. #bashar #basharchanneling #darrylanka #thesplittingearth #thesplittingprism #parallelrealities #navigatingrealities #physicalactions #multipleearths #connectingwithsasquatch #lifethemes #raisingvibration #higherdimensional #naturalconsciousness #unlearningbeliefs #highermind #manifestation #teleportation #permissionslips #physicalmind *Chapters:* 00:00 Navigating Parallel Realities 06:01 Taking Physical Actions Aligned with Preferred Reality 14:53 Connecting with Sasquatch and Personal Experiences 30:33 Raising Vibration and Frequency 34:00 Unlearning Conditioning and Aligning with True Nature 36:03 Interacting with the Higher Mind and Manifestation 44:36 Teleportation and Shifting through Parallel Realities 48:25 Permission Slips and the Role of the Physical Mind 01:00:13 Effort vs. Doing: Taking Action without Effort Keywords: bashar channeling,higher dimensional wisdom,bashar navigating the splitting prism of parallel realities,bashar parallel realities,bashar how to navigate the splitting prism,bashar parallel earths,bashar,navigating parallel realities,navigating the splitting prism of parallel realities,bashar frequency and resonance,bashar frequency,parallel realities,spiritual growth,bashar formula,creating reality,manifestation,personal growth,spiritual awakening,self help