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About Video - Creating True Awareness as a leader Divine souls thank you for coming to this beautiful deeper connection to our path as leaders of this world. I have been called to come on and create this video out of love with leadership and deep connection. Where are you in your life that you are creating all of this? Are you ready to step into your role as a conscious leader? We invite you to reflect on your own journey and explore where you currently stand in life. Recognize the remarkable impact you can make by harnessing your unique gifts and leading with love and authenticity. Through introspection and shared experiences, we aim to inspire and empower each other on this path of self-discovery and leadership. Open your heart to the possibilities that lie ahead as we cultivate a collective consciousness of compassion, empathy, and transformation. Keywords: Leadership,true awareness,self-awareness in leadership,leadership abilities,creating true awareness as a leader Maria De Luna,Awareness as a leader,Creating True Awareness,Creating True Awareness Maria De Luna,influential leader,as a leader,maria de luna awareness as a leader,creating true awareness,creatingtrueawareness,leadership training,creating true awareness maria de luna,leadership,empowering leaders,leadership skills,leadership maria de luna,PositiveChange