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About Video - Your Historical Link To Witchcraft. #witches of color#witch of color#black witch#black witches#witch#witches#witchcraft#witchblr#afro witches#afro witch#kemetic witch#kemetic#kemet#yoruba#magick#black spirituality#africanspirituality#hoodoo#reiki#rootworker#rootworkers#hoodoo practitioner#reiki practitioner#reiki healer#energy worker#energy workers#energy work#voodoo#vodoun#isisbobadilla The late Zinatha Secretary General Dr Peter Sibanda once challenged scientists during a lightning Symposium in Harare. He had 2 items in hands and challenged if anyone can stand up so that he can demonstrate how lightning is directed. No one including skeptics and prominent Scientists took up his challenge. Was he bluffing? Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of ancient beliefs and magical practices. Our topic is- Your Historical Link To Witchcraft. And the possibility that Everyone Is potentially a witch. If you were attending the symposium where Dr. Peter Sibanda threw the lightning challenge would you have stood up? If so, why? We shall deal with that phase on the Mysteries of Witchcraft! Grab your popcorn and let's explore some mind-bending questions! The phrase "as above, so below" hints at cosmic interconnectedness, revealing how understanding patterns and principles at different levels of existence can unlock profound insights about reality. It's like the universe has this intricate web of connections! And guess what? Earth is just a tiny part of this vast cosmic maze, symbolized by water and its waves, frequencies, and vibrations. It's pretty powerful stuff! Now, let's get to the heart of the matter – witchcraft! We've got three of the hardest questions about it, and they've never been fully answered. First up, where do magical powers come from? Yeah, it's like an enigma wrapped in a mystery! People have attributed magical abilities to witches and practitioners for ages, but how they get these powers and why some have them while others don't remain a puzzler. Next, let's talk about the origins of matter and spirit – a mystical combo! Witchcraft is all about tapping into these forces, but how it all started is still up in the air. Different belief systems and cultures recognize magical abilities, but the exact source and mechanism behind them remain elusive. Last but not least, we've got a mythological twist! It's said that the gods themselves created the concept of good and evil. In Khamitic Mythology, Atum, the deity of creation, emerged from the primordial waters of Nu, the ancient god, and all this drama unfolded! Talk about epic! Speaking of gods, Nu is one of the oldest gods in African mythology! This primordial deity represents the very waters of creation, where life itself sprung forth. But hey, the thing about Khamitic mythology is that it's more cyclical than linear, making it tough to pinpoint exact timelines for the emergence of these gods and goddesses. Now, let's tackle a controversial topic – are witches ruining the Earth? Well, that's a hot debate! Witchcraft has been associated with both good and bad intentions, from healing to curses. The ethical and moral implications are complex, as different cultures and individuals have varying views on what's right or wrong in witchcraft practices. But here's where things get tricky from a scientific standpoint. Despite beliefs in the power of witchcraft, there's a lack of scientific evidence to back it up. Controlled studies haven't consistently shown the existence of magical powers or the effectiveness of spells. So, it's hard for skeptics and scientists to accept witchcraft as a scientifically proven phenomenon. Now, these questions might not have clear-cut answers because they delve into spirituality, beliefs, and the supernatural. It's like stepping into a whole other realm! The diversity of witchcraft practices across cultures adds another layer of complexity, making it a real brain-teaser! Alright, folks, that's it for today's mystical journey! If you want to dig deeper into the mysteries of witchcraft, check out the link in the description. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell to stay tuned for more mind-blowing content. Until next time, stay curious, stay magical! For more please send us your email dress and questions or suggestions to References; FREE FROM God, Book Link- Keywords: your historical link to witchcraft,KhamitHEthics,Your Historical Link To Witchcraft,Historical Link To Witchcraft,witchcraft,witch,wicca,how to start,how to start practicing witchcraft,what is witchcraft,a history of magic witchcraft and the occult,witchcraft where to start,history of witchcraft book,history of modern witchcraft,wicca vs witchcraft,how to start in witchcraft,how to use your intuition in witchcraft,study witchcraft,witchcraft for beginners