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About Video - Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52 | Historic Aerobatics & Pink Floyd's Legacy | Fly with Magnar Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52 | Historic Aerobatics & Pink Floyd's Legacy | Fly with Magnar The Yak-52 was originally designed as a military trainer in the Soviet Union, featuring a powerful 400 hp engine perfect for aerobatics. This particular aircraft boasts a unique history, having been owned by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. This video has been revised to offer an even better look at this remarkable plane. Video Highlights: -Historic Aircraft: Discover the Yak-52, a military trainer developed by the yev Design Bureau outside Moscow. First flown in 1976, it was produced in Romania from 1977 to 1998, with approximately 1,800 units built. -Aviation Legacy: The Yak-52 was crafted to mimic jet aircraft with its cockpit layout, making it an ideal training aircraft. The video delves into its rich history and impressive aerobatic capabilities. -David Gilmour's Connection: Learn about this particular Yak-52's storied past, once owned by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, adding a touch of rock legend to its legacy. -Flight Experience: Join display pilot Diness and narrator Manal on an exhilarating flight session, showcasing the unique features and performance of the Yak-52 in action. Explore More Videos from Fly with Magnar: 1. ATR 42-600 cockpit view 2. How can an airplane fly upside down? 3. Engine failure at V1 - Stop or go? 4. How Do Airplanes Fly? 5. Engine Failure at V1 - Stop or Go? 6. Aircraft Lift Explained: Bernoulli vs. Newton's Equations 7. American Eagle 4184: The Crash That Changed Aviation Safety 8. De Havilland Canada's Dash 8 Quirks & Features Special Thanks: - Eastern Warbirds of Norway - Steinar Næs - William Tinius Marheim Jensen - Sten Arne B. Brunsby - Knut Åshammer Do you want to fly in a Yak-52, Am-2 or L-29 Delfin? Contact Eastern Warbirds of Norway: - Skien Airport Geiteryggen, Norway - - E-mail: - Telephone: (+47) 901 78 555 Keywords: #Yak52 #Aerobatics #PinkFloyd #DavidGilmour #AviationHistory #HistoricAircraft #SovietTrainer #FlyWithMagnar #EasternWarbirds #SkienAirport #FlightExperience Keywords: Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52,Historic Aerobatics,Pink Floyd's Legacy,Fly with Magnar,HistoricFlight,david gilmour,learning to fly,Aircraft Knowledge,Historic aircraft,flyingdavidgilmour'syak,yek52,yek-52,flywithmagnar,David Gilmour's Yak-52,Flying David Gilmour's,David Gilmour's Yak-52 Historic Aerobatics,David Gilmour's fly,davidgilmour'syak52,david gilmour's yak-52 historic aerobatics,flying david gilmour's yak-52,davidgilmour'syak-52,flying david gilmour's