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About Video - 15 States to Buy Cheapest House (Property) in USA Buying a cheap house these days in the United States is challenging and homeownership remains far out of reach for first-time buyers. There are several reasons to why it's difficult to buy a house in the US nowadays. These include limited housing inventory, high inflation rates, high demand, rising home prices, tight lending standards, debt, and low wages. But then again home affordability can vary from one State to another, for example Property prices in States near the Pacific coast and Northeast parts is higher then in the Midwest and the South. While investing in a underdeveloped state may not sound appealing at first, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t consider options in more budget-friendly states. In this video we have ranked 15 most affordable States to buy a house according to there median listing prices. SUBSCRIBE : FOLLOW : Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe for more amazing content! Keywords: 15 States to buy cheap houses,Buy cheap property in USA,Cheap housing market in America,States with the cheapest houses,Buy cheapest homes in USA,Real estate,Buying property,15 Cheap states to buy a house,15 cheap places to buy house in america,American real-estate,cost of housing,building,mortgage,taxes,best states to buy house,15 Cheapest States for home,15 easiest states to buy house,living