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About Video - Bashar | Negative EGO | Higher Mind | PHYSICAL MIND Vs HIGHER MIND Bashar | Negative EGO | Higher Mind | PHYSICAL MIND Vs HIGHER MIND Join us as Bashar provides profound insights into the relationship between the physical mind (ego) and the higher mind, and how they work together to form a whole person. This session explores the process of choosing to experience physical reality and creating a template-level reality to set up scenarios for exploration. Bashar discusses the role of the ego structure in keeping the physical mind focused in physical reality and the importance of reconnecting with the higher mind. The conversation reveals that interactions with higher beings are actually conversations with one's own higher mind. Learn about allowing the higher mind to bring opportunities and trusting the process for manifesting dreams and desires. *🌟 What You'll Learn:* - Understanding the Relationship Between Physical Mind (Ego) and Higher Mind - Choosing to Experience Physical Reality - Creating Template-Level Reality for Exploration - Role of Ego in Physical Reality Focus - Reconnecting with the Higher Mind - Conversations with Higher Beings as Conversations with Higher Mind - Allowing Higher Mind to Bring Opportunities - Trusting the Process of Manifestation *🔔 Perfect For You If:* You love exploring spiritual concepts or are a fan of Bashar channeling. We’ve crafted this video to enrich your journey towards transforming your life and aligning you with your true essence. *📢 Stay Connected With Our Community:* - [Instagram]( - [Facebook]( - [Twitter]( *Titles:* Bashar | Negative EGO | Higher Mind | PHYSICAL MIND Vs HIGHER MIND Key topics include Physical Mind vs. Higher Mind, Role of Ego, Physical Reality Focus, Reconnecting with Higher Mind, Conversations with Higher Beings, Manifesting Dreams, and Trusting the Process. *Sound Bites:* - "The physical mind is not designed to know how something will happen, but rather how - something is happening or has happened." - "The higher mind knows the best route to the manifestation of dreams and desires." - "Allowing the higher mind to bring opportunities and trusting the process is key to manifesting your desires." *👍 Help Us Grow:* Your likes, shares, and comments not only motivate us but also help spread Bashar’s wisdom to others. Engage below, share your experiences, and be part of our expanding community. Subscribe for updates and never miss a beat on your spiritual journey! For further details regarding Bashar's live channeling streams, transmissions, or events, and to buy Bashar's videos or audio content, kindly visit the following links to show your support: *Disclaimer:* Kindly note that our channel is an independent entity with no official association with Bashar Communications. Our goal is to respectfully disseminate bits of Bashar's profound wisdom to enhance understanding and inspire our audience to seek further enlightenment. All materials are the property of Bashar Communications, and they reserve the right to request the removal of any content. We extend our sincerest appreciation to the team behind Bashar for allowing the public to benefit from such transformative teachings. #bashar #basharchanneling #darrylanka #physicalmind #highermind #negativeego #ego #reconnecting #higherbeings #manifestation #trustingtheprocess #spiritualgrowth #personaltransformation #basharteachings #consciousnessexpansion #positivethinking #mindset #spiritualguidance #trueself *TimeStamp:* 00:00 Introduction 01:10 The Relationship Between the Physical Mind and Higher Mind 26:29 The Conversation with Higher Beings is a Conversation with One's Own Higher Mind 31:47 Understanding the Role of the Physical Mind and the Higher Mind 33:42 The Struggle of the Ego to Figure Out How Everything Will Happen 36:35 Trusting the Higher Mind to Know the Best Route to Manifestation 38:00 The Power of Imagination as a Conduit to the Higher Mind 43:41 Forming a Balanced Relationship Between the Physical Mind and the Higher Mind 47:31 Developing Discernment Between Fear and Excitement 58:22 Negotiating with the Ego to Find a Balance