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About Video - Unveiling Toxic Parenting: Harmful Behaviors And Phrases Of Emotionally Immature Parents #toxicparenting #toxicparents #dysfunctionalfamily In this video, learn about the signs you were raised by a toxic parent. Adult children from narcissistic, toxic, dysfunctional, or neglectful homes often do not realize how the way they were treated by their parents impacts them over a lifetime. In this video, Lisa A. Romano will unveil some of the signs that indicate that you were raised by a toxic parent. In this video, you will hear some of the things toxic parents say to their children and learn about the invisible scars verbal abuse causes. Children who experience emotional neglect and childhood trauma, often struggle with setting boundaries, speaking up for themselves, and with feeling good about who they are. Toxic parents condition their children to live in states of hypervigilance, which can lead to codependency, low self esteem, and feeling not good enough. If you are ready to breakthrough the patterns, programs, and faulty beliefs created by adverse childhood conditions, visit the following link to learn how you can begin working with Lisa and her team for a 90 day intensive healing journey. Thank you for watching Signs you were raised by a toxic parent/Your invisible scars #childhoodtrauma #childhoodtraumahealing #innerchildhealing #adultchildrenofalcoholics #narcissist #toxicparent #toxicfamilydynamics #toxicparenting Keywords: signs you were raised by a toxic parent,mental health,toxic parents,narcissistic abuse,narcissistic mother,toxic family,toxic people,toxic family members,narcissistic parents,narcissistic personality disorder,toxic parents signs,narcissist,signs of toxic parents,narcissism,toxic mother,toxic parent,toxic family signs,toxic,narcissistic family,toxic family relationships,childhood trauma,childhood emotional neglect,lisa a romano,behaviors of toxic parents