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About Video - PadSplit Property walkthrough in Jacksonville, FL with Realtor from EXP Realty PadSplit Property walkthrough in Jacksonville, FL with Realtor from EXP Realty When evaluating a property for PadSplit, it's always a team effort. One of the things that brings me the greatest joy in my role is when I walk a property with vendors or investors and they have the PadSplit lightbulb moment 💡 I love to see their creativity flourish as they evaluate the space through the PadSplit lens 🔎 Korissa Jean Kingen and her husband (who was the cameraman) Mikey Ray were brainstorming ideas on how we can convert underutilized space to maximize earnings and make a positive impact on the affordable housing crisis – one room at a time. DISCLAIMER: e are not architects or licensed contractors so please check your local building codes. Make sure to get building permits for any modifications that may require them. Throughout my walkthroughs with investors and vendors, my goal is to provide guidance and ensure their ideas fall within our PadSplit guidelines. Ready to become a PadSplit Host? Let's connect over a virtual meeting. 🤝 Join the Jacksonville PadSplit Facebook Group 👇 DISCLAIMER The views and statements expressed on this channel are that of Emanuel Premate and not that of PadSplit. I am not a licensed CPA, attorney, insurance, contractor, lender, or financial advisor. The content in these videos shall not be construed as tax, legal, insurance, construction, engineering, health & safety, electrical, financial advice, or other and may be outdated or inaccurate. This is a YouTube video for entertainment purposes ONLY. #PadSplitProperty #JacksonvilleRealEstate #PropertyWalkthrough #RealtorEXPRealty #HousingTour #RealEstateInvesting #PadSplitExperience #PropertyExploration #JacksonvilleHomes #EXPRealtyAgent #InnovativeHousing Keywords: Real Estate,Investing,Shared Housing,Real Estate Investing,padsplit walkthrough,padsplit,PadSplit opportunities,Emanuel Premate PadSplit,shared housing benefits,real estate tips emanuel,PadSplit Property walkthrough in Jacksonville,FL with Realtor from EXP Realty,padsplit walkthrough with realtor,seminar room rental,real estate market,real estate crash,real estate investing,Rental Income,hidden secrets of padsplit properties in jacksonville