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About Video - यस्तो पो जोक । How funny joke, comedy video of Shere and Dhurmus. यस च्यानलमा रहेका सबै सामग्रीहरु केबल मनोरत्र्जनको लागि निर्माण गरिएकोले कृपया गम्भीर रुपमा लनिलिनुहोला ।This funny video is made for fun. So don't take this video seriously as well as any contents uploaded in this channel. Hope you enjoyed watching this video if you liked it give a big thumbs up and leave comment below if you have any thing to say regarding the video. You are also free to give any suggestions and recommendations to our channel.Thank you so much for watching this video. Please subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon so that you never miss our video whenever we upload video in this channel. Like this video, share with your friends. If you have anything query or to say anything about this video please leave a comment below and let us know ||for Videos more funny than Bhadragol, Meri Bassai, Jire khursani, brakefail, tito satya, harke haldar, khaskhus, dittha sab, nepali talking tom nepali jokes funny video subscribe this channel.#funnyvideo, #TalkingTom, #comedyvideo, #dhurmusandsuntaliMore funny videos: to our channel © Note: This channel FunFunny ! is a multi-dimensional entertainment channel for uploading various types of videos. Copying any parts of it or re uploading the any contents of this channel is strictly prohibited and is illegal.