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About Video - BEST AI UNCLOGGER FOR TOILETS BEST AI UNCLOGGER FOR TOILETS PNEUMATIC TOILET SNAKE is great for unclogging drains and toilets. A plunger is pretty easy to use but you always run the risk of cross contamination if using it in your toilet and then later using it in your kitchen sink or bathroom sink where are you? Wash your face and brush your teeth. Since I didn't have any clogs, it is hard to talk about how well it works for actually clearing a clogged toilet or a clogged sink. But I did witness it putting out a high concentration of air pressure, which would inevitably clear a clog, the same way a toilet plunger would. I found this product extremely easy to use, assemble and operate. Care should be taken as to not over pressurize the unit and blowout your pipes. You should always try clearing your clog with a lower pressure, then starting out with a very high pressure. Below is a simple table of basic pressures to use on various clogs. As I mentioned, you should always start off with a lower pressure rather than a higher one. Settings for each plumbing system drain type 1-2 for small sinks (10 to 30 PSI) 3-4 for larger sink drains (45 - 60 PSI) 5-6 for floor drains (70-85 PSI) 7-8 for toilets (100-115 PSI) *I don't recommend the use of this product on plumbing systems with very old pipes, as any high pressure introduced could damage the aged pipes * DO NOT over pressurize this device to use in your toilet or sink, as the pressure could break the rubber gaskets inside the plumbing system. Blasting out the gaskets in your pipes could cause a major leak that could be very expensive to fix. It is recommended for a toilet to use an old-fashioned rubber plunger first. If that doesn't work, try this device at 50 PSI, or level 5 and 6, about 80 PSI. If that attempt doesn't clear the block then call a plumber, or possibly use an auger/snake tool to clear out remaining obstructions. #toiletunclogger #toiletcleaner #pneumaticplunger Keywords: BEST UNCLOGGER FOR TOILETS,best smart toilet,best toilet review,toilet unclogger,best unclogger for toilets,best toilets at home depot,best smart unclogger for toilets,smart toilet buying guide,smart unclogger for toilets,unclogger for toilets,plumber trick,plumber trick unclog drain,how to unclog drain,clogged sink,clogged drain,pneumatic drain cleaner,pneumatic drain snake,pneumatic plunger,best ai unclogger for toilets,ai unclogger for toilets