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About Video - American Eagle 4184: The Crash That Changed Aviation Safety | Aircraft Icing & ATR 72 | Flight 4182 Discover the story behind American Eagle Flight 4184, a tragic accident that revolutionised aviation safety. This video delves into the impact of aircraft icing, particularly the phenomenon of supercooled large drops (SLD), and how it led to significant changes in aviation protocols and safety measures. Learn about the commanded aileron deflection, the addition of vortex generators to ATR aircraft, and the rigorous training that followed. "American Eagle 4184: The Crash That Changed Aviation Safety | Aircraft Icing & ATR 72 | Flight 4182" Special thanks to Chloe Howie from Disaster Breakdown for her insightful contributions. Check out her video "This Hidden Danger Killed 68 People" for more on this topic: Explore More Videos from Fly with Magnar: 1. What Skills Are Required to Become a Captain? 2. ATR 42-600 Cockpit View 3.How Can Airplanes Fly Upside Down? 4. How Do Airplanes Fly? 5. Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52 6. Engine Failure at V1 - Stop or Go? 7. Flying the Historic North American Harvard II (T-6G Texan) 8. When Canada Had a Squadron of MiG-21 9. De Havilland Canada's Dash 8 Quirks & Features 10. Aircraft Lift Explained: Bernoulli vs. Newton's Equations Additional Resources: -NTSB report for American Eagle flight 4184: -Aircraft aerodynamic effects due to large droplet ice accretions: -Severe icing incidents with ATR: -Understanding the stall-recovery procedure for turboprop airplanes in icing conditions: Flight Safety Digest April 2005 ( -ATR ice and rain protection systems: -Aviation Herald: Air Canada Rouge, loss of separation in icing: Index: 00:15 - Introduction 02:23 - Aircraft icing 06:37 - American Eagle flight 4184 08:30 - SLD - Supercooled Large Drops 10:03 - Uncommanded aileron deflection 11:18 - Vortex generator 12:02 - The ATR wing 15:06 - ATR training - my experience 18:15 - Severe icing - my story 20:04 - What caused the accident? 22:29 - The real problem 23:10 - NTSB's conclusions 25:09 - Aero Transporti Italiani flight 460 27:09 - NTSB and FAA 29:48 - Documentation from ATR 31:33 - Company manuals 33:40 - Changes to the aircraft 35:00 - The APM 36:20 - Procedure changes 38:58 - Other turboprop airplanes 40:20 - Stall recovery procedure 41:41 - Final thoughts Tags: American Eagle 4184, aircraft icing, aviation safety, ATR 72, Fly with Magnar, supercooled large drops, SLD, vortex generators, NTSB report, flight training, aircraft safety, ATR wing, uncommanded aileron deflection, turboprop safety, aircraft icing prevention, aviation history, severe icing incidents, stall recovery procedure, ATR ice protection, disaster breakdown Hashtags: #AmericanEagle4184 #AviationSafety #AircraftIcing #ATR72 #FlyWithMagnar #SupercooledLargeDrops #VortexGenerators #AviationAccident #FlightTraining #AircraftSafety #NTSBReport #SevereIcing #StallRecovery #AviationHistory #ATR #FlightSafety #AviationIndustry Keywords: American Eagle 4184,American Eagle 4184: The Crash,American Eagle,ATR 72,Eagle 4184: The Crash,American Eagle Flight 4184,American Eagle Airlines,atr72 crash,american eagle 4184,american eagle flight 4184 plane crash,american eagle 4184: the crash,american eagle crash,eagle 4184: the crash that changed aviation safety,flight 4184,eagle 4184: the crash,eagle 4184 crash,AmericanEagle4184,american eagle flight 4184,aircraft safety,ATR72,atr,americaneagle4184