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About Video - Deepti Sharma Run Out ENGw Vs INDw (Spirit of the Game) | Deepti Sharma Mankading Run Out Here is how People is reacting Rahul: Whenever run out happens to England or australian players their players/fans come crying over spirit of cricket. Time to relearn this definition of spirit of cricket given by #Ashwin. Suresh Raina: Well done Deepti Sharma. This is First Run out at non striker's end after ICC's official removal of unfair play tag of "Mankading". By the way you can't get better ground than Lord's to do this. Audience: Deepti Sharma teaching the rules of the game at the house of cricket! Inject it! Keywords: deepti sharma,harmanpreet kaur,Spirit of the Game,ENGw Vs INDw,ashwin on run out,harmanpreet kaur on run out,deepti sharma mankading,deepti sharma run out,deepti sharma mankind,dipti sharma run out,engw vs indw 3rd odi,deepti run out dean,Charlie Dean run out,Charlie Dean,dean in tear,england cricket,cricket top run out,best run out,mankading run out by deepti sharma,top mankading run out,mankading deepti sharma,deepti trolled for mankading,cricket