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About Video - How to balance between #trading & #investing ?| #Stock Talks Welcome to Stock Talks. In this video, I am in conversation with Mr. Soumya Malani. Mr Malani is a Masters in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics but this is only a minuscule part of his academic achievements. He has been one of the state toppers in secondary and higher secondary examinations with All India Ranks in CA and CS. He was covered as a “Young Bull” by The #economictimes in their cover story on 6th December 2020 and “The Young #Multibagger Hunter” by Money9. In this video he has shared his experience and learning that he has earned from his long term association with Stock Market. The objective of this video is to understand the difference between trading and investing and how an investor can maintain balance in between these two. Investing is something that requires long term vision, while the profit can only be booked after 3-5 years, whereas trading is a realtime affair, so both require different mindset, knowledge & capital to invest. So practically an investor should take utmost care while working on both, otherwise there will be a chance of big losses, which no investor would like to go through. So here Mr. Malani, who has been working on both from a very young age, has shared his experience & knowledge, which will definitely add value to your life, as an investor. You may contact him here: or For More Relevant Stories Please Follow Us On Facebook Instagram Linkedin Twitter trading vs investing trading and investing compared stocks day trading Keywords: swing trading,stock market,stocks,swing trading strategies,cnbc,stocks to buy now,stocks to buy,best stocks to buy now,breaking news,swing trading vs day trading,growth stocks,stock market madness,stock market correction,black girl stocks,best stocks,bbby stock,fundamental analysis,bear market rally,inflation,news,bbby,vishnu agarwal,stock knocks,hidden investment opportunities,stock talks,trade ideas,trading live,day trading live,upstart stock