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About Video - Abdu Rozik and Shiv Conversation | Abdu Rozik funny moments with Shiv Thakare {Friends} The emerging duo of Abdu Rozik And Shiv Thakare in Bigg boss is being loved by the mass public. Here we have queued some funny banter between shiv and Abdu. I am sure you will love the video. Keywords: abdu rozik,abdu rozik song,abdu rozik and shiv conversation,abdu and shiv bigg boss,shiv thakare bigg boss 16,abdu rozik singing bigg boss,abdu rozik singing hindi song,abdu rozik bigg boss 16,shiv and abdu funny,abdu and shiv thakre,abdu and tina,abdu rozik singing,abdu rozik cute moments bigg boss,abdu and shiv bond,abdu rozik and shiv,abdu rozik and shiv thakare,abdu and tina candle light dinner,abdu and priyanka,abdu rozik cute,shiv vs mc stan,bb16