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About Video - 👽✨ Pleiadian Starseeds: Origins, Traits, and, Characteristics 🛸 These are just a few of the qualities that Pleiadian Starseeds may present with within a human incarnation, they can most certainly be different, so just take what resonates. TO BOOK A READING EMAIL *please specify which service/offering you would like to order in the subject line of your email* *all pricing is in Canadian Dollars, payment via PayPal or Interact E-transfer* *please email prior to sending payment* ToKittyandBeyond Merchandise: Instagram @tokittyandbeyond PAYMENTS: Thank you for all your donations and support of the channel! Email Readings: Email readings are sent via email with pictures of cards, description of card meanings, and overall intuitive messages and energetic interpretations $15.55-$55 (3-10 card spread options) Video Recorded & Live Skype Readings: 60 minutes: $110 unlimited decks and questions. Includes interactive intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, and channeled messages. 30 minutes: $55 unlimited decks and questions. Includes interactive guidance, spiritual counseling, and channeled messages. Spiritual Counselling & Energy Healing: Counselling Session: 90$ (sixty minutes) live via Skype (face-to-face or phone call option available) De-stress through talk-therapy, spiritual guidance & emotional support. A safe space to delve into emotional and psychological blocks and restrictions that may contribute to imbalances such as physical or mental dis-ease. These sessions provide cognitive re-framing, support, and care for those struggling with problems with work/family, anxiety disorders, depression, grief/loss, stress/worry, life transitions, and more. Advanced Holographic-Usui Reiki Energy Healing (90mins, 1.5 hrs): $144 **remote recorded option available All sessions are guided by your higherself and may include but are not limited to: intensive chakra clearing, chakra healing, chakra balancing, energetic activations, energetic infusion of divine light, soul aspects, archetypes, and influences, core-wound healing, psychic surgery, soul origins/starseed activations, past life healing, inner child healing, karmic clearing, chord cutting, entity removal/healing, psychic surgery, spiritual guidance, and channeled information. Sessions also include a full word document write up of your session (usually 3-4 pages) with messages that came through, additional guidance, information and action protocols. Akashic Records Reading: (60 minute live presentation of reading via Skype – 90 minute remote reading): $220 **remote recorded option available In-depth analysis and results based assessment of your energy signature, your soul blueprint (including soul origin, vibration rate, primary energy centre + more), any blocks and restrictions that are being held in your Akash (including but not limited to attaching souls, astral portals, negative soulmate contracts, etheric and physical implants, negative spirit guides etc.) and active clearing work to release these blocks aligning you with your restored Divine Soul Blueprint to live a life in alignment with who you are at Soul level. Property Clearing and Energy Checkups (Secondary Akashic Readings): 44$ — Remote Recorded or 30 minute Live Skype presentation of Akashic Reading results Property Clearing (must be primary or secondary owner of property, renting, or in some way legally responsible for said property — house, land, business etc.): Akashic Records assessment of physical property and clearing of any blocks, restrictions, or obstructions of Energy in or under the property including but not limited to Portalways, Gateways, Disincarnates (Independent Souls, Earthbound Souls, Disruptive Souls), Independent Negative Thought Forms, and/or Sacred Sights. $110 – Akashic Check-up (for return Akashic Records Soul Realignment Clients): Current assessment of developments of Karmic Blocks and Restrictions, Clearing work, and new or newly available Blocks and Restrictions ready for clearing. *All payments must be made 24 hours prior to readings commencement via the PayPal function or Interac e-transfer *refunds are at readers discretion *disclaimer: due to the nature of these videos/services all readings are for entertainment purposes only, the reader cannot be held liable for querents actions/inactions *the information and energetic healing provided in these sessions does not constitute nor substitute for medical advice – Always seek appropriate medical attention where applicable #Pleiadian #Starseeds #SoulGroups #starseedorigins #extraterrestrials #ET's #galacticfederation Keywords: pleiades,pleiadian starseeds,starseed,starseed traits,starseed origins,starseed characteristics,starseed qualities,starseed souls,soul group of origin,light beings,light workers,soul groups,extraterrestrials,am i a starseed,what are starseeds,akashic reading,akashic readings,soul reading,soul,spiritual,spirituality,spiritual beings,higherself,higher self,the higherself,pleiadian,pleiadians,pleiadian starseed traits,am i pleiadian,pleiadian souls