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About Video - Top 10 Famous Punjabi Singers (Updated-List) Famous Punjabi Singers:- Punjabi singers are becoming more and more popular lately, especially among youths and children. The punjabi music industry is growing rapidly, with some young, talented singers. We usually know about some Punjabi singers and we stick to those songs only. But the best part about the Punjabi music industry is that the singers are open to all kinds of changes and trends, which makes them insanely popular. Keywords: sidhu moose wala,karan aujla,punjabi songs,best punjabi singer,famous punjabi singer,top 10 punjabi singers,number 1 punjabi singer,best male punjabi singer in india,top male punjabi singers,top 5 punjabi singers,most famous punjabi singers,most popular punjabi singer,biggest punjabi singer,biggest male punjabi singer,biggest punjabi celebrity,who is no 1 punjabi singer,most fan following punjabi singer,billboard punjabi singer,billboard sidhu moose wala