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About Video - Pomona Project Garage Conversion |Part 4 - Room Addition & Garage Conversion In this exciting episode of Pomona Project Garage Conversion |Part 4, we unveil the triumphant conclusion of our room addition and garage conversion journey. Witness the amazing transformation and gain insights into achieving your dream project. Don't miss out on this inspirational video! Hashtags: #GarageConversion #RoomAddition #PomonaProject #HomeImprovement #DIY #DreamProject #Transformation #Inspirational #SuccessStory #HomeRenovation For more information contact: DREC Construction Services, Inc. (800) 929-9812 Keywords: Room Addition,Garage Conversion,drec construction services inc,DREC Construction Services,santa ana adu,pomona garage conversion by DREC,room addition and garage conversion byDREC Construction Service,drec construction services,van conversion,construction service,Garage Conversion services,construction work in usa,construction services business,construction business,new home construction,room addition and garage conversion bydrec construction service