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About Video - The New Age Fully Exposed (In-Depht by Steve Bancarz) The New Age Fully Exposed (UPDATED) - This in-depth documentary, featuring a well known ex-New Age teacher, exposes many different facets of the New Age movement, including: the Satanic origins of the New Age Movement, the demonic nature of Astral Projection, Yoga, & meditation, the dangers of working with "spirit guides" & psychedelic drug use, the pseudoscience behind crystals & the Law of Attraction, the myth of pantheistic monism the New Age teaches, & New Ager's cherry picking & twisting of Biblical concepts & even the person & work of Jesus Christ Himself, as well as His teachings. SECTION LINKS & TIMES 0:00 - Introduction 0:35 - Part 1: Proof the New Age is Satanic 18:14 - Part 2: Astral Projection Explained 43:13 - Part 3: Psychedelics, Drugs, and the Bible 55:26 - Part 4: Proof Meditation is Demonic (NEW) 1:22:32 - Part 5: Crystals 1:32:52 - Part 6: Who is God According to Jesus? 1:39:55 - Part 7: The Kingdom of God is Within You? 1:55:12 - Part 8: "You are gods"? 2:07:25 - Part 9: Christ-Consciousness Debunked by Jesus 2:20:27 - Part 10: Law of Attraction Debunked (NEW) 2:45:06 - Part 11: Proof Yoga is Demonic (NEW) 2:57:33 - Part 12: The Second Coming of Jesus All credit goes to Steven Bancarz of Reasons For Jesus for this video: