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About Video - i'm trying to get better at asking for help I’m TIRED. Even making this video, post-nap, I’m soooo tired… can you tell?? It’s been on my mind these days about how I can be better at asking for help. My husband and I have a system where we get protected “work days” while both kids are home full-time and it’s a unique system but sometimes, I need to tap in more hands on days when I’m suppose to have it all together. Even with the support of parents and a really supportive partner, why do I feel guilty about asking for help when I need it? If you’re a parent doing this alone, I really feel for you. I hope you find the support that you need soon 💛 if you feel highly uncomfortable asking for help, maybe it’s helpful to think about what you’re modeling for the your kids/the people around you. I want my kids to be able to ask for help when they need it so I gotta practice that too. I dunno… parents out there, how are you doing? Follow along! Instagram: TikTok: Keywords: life update,lifestyle vlog,my daily vlog,weekly vlog,weekly vlog black,day in my life vlog,daily vlog,aesthetic vlog,day in my life,vlog,week in my life,weekend vlog,atlanta vlog,weekly vlogs,day in the life vlog,a day in my life,a day in my life vlog,vlogs,nyc weekly vlog,daily vlogs,vlogging,vlogger,vlog with me,itssuhgud,day in the life,sad day in my life vlog,avid napper,life update vlog,ask for help,need help,my life vlog,daily life