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About Video - MiG-21 in Canada: The best aviation joke ever | Historic Aircraft | Fly with Magnar "MiG-21 in Canada: The best aviation joke ever | Historic Aircraft | Fly with Magnar" First published on April 1, 2023, this video delves into a fascinating aviation hoax from "Vintage Wings of Canada," originally published on April 1, 2011. The story humorously claims that Canada acquired a squadron of MiG-21s, crafted by the witty Evad Yellamo (Dave O'Malley spelled backward). This video explores the fictional tale of Canada's MiG-21 squadron, the rapid advancements in aviation technology during the Cold War, and the strategic shifts in defense prompted by the Soviet Union's Sputnik satellite launch. Additionally, we touch on the development and legacy of Canada's Avro Arrow. Additional Recommended Videos: 1. What Skills Are Required to Become a Captain? 2. ATR 42-600 Cockpit View 3.How Can Airplanes Fly Upside Down? 4. How Do Airplanes Fly? 5. Flying David Gilmour's Yak-52 6. Engine Failure at V1 - Stop or Go? 7. American Eagle 4184: The Crash That Changed Aviation Safety 8. Flying the Historic North American Harvard II (T-6G Texan) 9. Aircraft Lift Explained: Bernoulli vs. Newton's Equations More Related Videos: - MiG-21 history: - MiG-21 cockpit and walkaround: - Vintage Wings of Canada: - MiG-21 display: - Avro Arrow: Video Summary: -The video details a fictional story about Canada’s MiG-21 squadron, regarded as the best aviation hoax ever. -It mentions Canada’s defense strategy during the Cold War, focusing on the development of the Avro Arrow and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). -The impact of the Soviet Union's Sputnik satellite launch on global defense strategies is discussed. -The video also covers Canada's efforts to balance its defense investments and the geopolitical implications of aviation advancements during that era. Tags: Fly with Magnar, MiG-21, Canadian Air Force, Avro Arrow, aviation history, military aviation, Cold War, defense strategies, April Fool's Day, historic aircraft, aviation hoax, Vintage Wings of Canada, Dave O'Malley, aviation technology, supersonic jets, defense investments, geopolitical implications Hashtags: #AviationHistory #MiG21 #CanadianAirForce #FlyWithMagnar #AprilFoolsDay #HistoricAircraft #ColdWar #AvroArrow #AviationHoax #DefenseStrategies Keywords: MiG-21,MiG-21 in Canada,MiG-21 in Canada: The best aviation joke ever,Historic Aircraft,Fly with Magnar,Canadian Air Force,Avro Arrow,aviation history,military aviation,aviation hoax,Vintage Wings of Canada,supersonic jets,Canada The best aviation joke ever,Canada The best Historic Aircraft,Canada The best aviation,mig-21 in canada,canada the best aviation joke ever,mig-21 in canada: the best aviation joke ever,mig-21,best pilot training school in canada